Blog  An Unexpected Experience at NFTY Convention

An Unexpected Experience at NFTY Convention

By Asher Bank, NFTY SOCAL Communications Vice President

Waiting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, I anticipated the arrival of my friends from my region, NFTY Southern California. I walked the perimeter of the first floor of the hotel with my best friend, perusing around for people that I knew were coming. But I experienced something unlike no other: encountering surprise after surprise after surprise.

As I walked around in search of those from my temple and city, I would run into a friend I’d made at NFTY Mechina 2016 (a North American training event for regional leaders). In that moment that we’d first approach each other, we’d lock eyes, gasp, and embrace like we’d known each other forever, even if we’d just had one or two conversations at Mechina.

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