SOCAL Teen Kallah

Grades Invited: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Event Cost: $See below

Registration link:

Contact Person: Matthew Ghan

Contact Person’s Title: Teen Kallah Director

Contact Person’s Email:

Contact Person’s Phone: 408-375-1683

In partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County, the Reform synagogues of Orange County and Long Beach are pleased to offer a 9th-12th Grade Teen Retreat on February 25th-27th, 2022 at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, located in the city of Orange.

The Teen Kallah will begin on Friday, February 25th at 5:00 PM and will end on Sunday, February 27th at 12:00 PM.

The Teen Kallah will have tiered registration pricing, as stated below.
Orange County/Long Beach teens – $125
Los Angeles/San Diego/Santa Barbara teens – $150

February 14, 2022
Registration Closes (Waitlist Opens)
Email to inquire about registration.

Where is this Kallot being held?
This retreat is being held at Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, 2 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869.

What bus transportation will be provided?
Since the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center is in the heart of Orange County, we will NOT be providing buses from the Orange County and Long Beach area. For teens coming from Los Angeles/San Diego/Santa Barbara, we may be able to provide a bus depending on registration numbers. Some congregations may be coordinating their own transportation. Check in with your local youth professional for more information.

What is the COVID policy?
The safety of our teens and staff is our utmost priority. Due to this, we are requiring all our staff to be fully vaccinated. All participants, staff, and guests at the retreat must provide proof of full vaccination in order to attend. Masks will be required at all times (indoors & outdoors), except when sleeping or eating. We will favor outdoor activities when possible. We will administer a rapid test to everyone upon arrival. Those with a positive result will not be able to attend the retreat. We are keeping a close eye on ever-changing circumstances and will communicate updates to any of these policies or procedures prior to retreat start. If you have any questions, please reach out to href=””>

Why is the cost different based on where you live? What if I need help paying for the event?
This Kallah is majorly funded by the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County. Due to this funding, we are required to use most of the grant for the Orange County/Long Beach community. However, we never want finances to be the reason a teen cannot attend this experience. If cost is an issue, please reach out to Matt Ghan, Retreat Coordinator, at href=””>

What will housing look like at the retreat?
Participants will be living in cabins with staff members. All cabins have smaller rooms and multiple bathroom stalls. Everyone is housed based on the gender noted on their registration forms.

What will we be eating at the retreat?
Food at this retreat will be kosher-style. We will ensure that all dietary options and needs are met. There will be an opportunity on our registration forms to note any dietary needs.

What’s your cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be in writing. We will accept cancellations by email to href=””> Refunds will be processed and returned within six weeks after the conclusion of the event.

Refunds will be given bases on the following schedule:
A 90% refund will be given 21 day prior to event date.
A 75% refund will be given 14 days prior to event date.
A 50% refund will be given 8 days prior to event date.
No refund will be given 7 or fewer days prior to event date with exception of a documented medical emergency in which case a 75% refund will be granted.

What if there is an emergency?
We will have medical staff on-site for the entire retreat and we will be in close communication with the retreat facilities staff as needed. During the event, we will be checking our email regularly.

What rules and regulations are teens abiding to by registering for the event?
Parents/Guardians should review these with your teen prior to registering and attending the event:

Teens will not possess, consume, or distribute alcoholic beverages, other than that served by adult leadership for Jewish sacramental purposes, even if they are of legal drinking age.

Teens will not smoke, consume, or distribute tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, at any time during the event.

Teens will not possess, use, or distribute any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, including marijuana regardless of the legality in the hosting state.

Teens will not commit any illegal acts.

Teens understand that vandalism, disturbing the peace, or other inappropriate behavior as determined by the adult leadership in accordance with the youth leadership will not be tolerated.

Teens will have to pay for any damage that they cause.

Teens will not participate in any activities before, during or after events that could be deemed as hazing, sexually harassing, demeaning, hurtful, or bullying. This includes in-person interactions, interactions over cell phone and email, and actions in online spaces including Facebook groups, twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media between events.

Teens will exercise proper consent, and agree to refrain from inappropriate sexual behavior.
Teens understand that consent is only given when someone gives positive and verbal permission to a sexual activity with another person, and that all people in a sexual situation must feel comfortable saying an explicit “yes” or “no” of their own free will to stop the physical activity at any point.

What will programming look like at the Kallah?
At this retreat, we will have a variety of programming relating to social action, Jewish content, and community building. As part of the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County grant, we will also have chugim focused on the arts and leadership!

Who should I reach out to if I have questions?
If you have questions please reach out Someone from our team will reach out to you!